Stressful thoughts, stressful life.
Question your mind, peaceful life.


Valli Waugh and Gramya Alonso-Barth both offer The Work of Byron Katie.

What is The Work?

The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world. We question our mind, and we experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, allowing our mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature. 

Valli Waugh is a Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

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What do we offer?

  • Individual Sessions (in person or phone/skype)
  • Couple Sessions (in person or phone/skype)
  • Relationship counselling
  • Introductory Talks
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • E-courses on different topics
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We deal with any kind of stress using The Work of Byron Katie.

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