About The Work of Byron Katie - A Personal Inquiry

  • When we are fearful, depressed, confused, hurt, angry or upset, it is what we believe that is creating the suffering.

  • The Work is simply identifying and questioning the thoughts that are the source of our stress and pain.

  • It's as though we are sitting in a dark movie theatre, and projecting painful stories on the screen of our mind. We believe what we are projecting is reality and we suffer accordingly.

  • The Work is questioning what we are projecting. And finding out if it's really true. This questioning can free us from being a victim of the painful thoughts and stories we attach to, that control, and ruin our lives. 

Doing The Work can result in living a clearer, more loving, kinder, happier life. 
For more info on the work go to: http://thework.com/en/do-work Or: http://thework.com/en

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