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The weekend was well organised, the seaside venue stunning, the food healthy & delicious, and the people welcoming and friendly. But it's what came after that threw me! I gained so much CLARITY and LIGHTNESS around issues that had been frustrations, confusions and sadnesses for years. I've experienced so many old triggers this week and have felt the JOY and FREEDOM that comes from approaching these with my new strategies and understandings, learnt from The Work. Deeply grateful. I had no idea that so much could change from just a few days. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx 

Over the last 16 years Valli and Gramya of Question your Mind have done The Work with hundreds of people from all over the world on numerous issues such as relationships, trauma, illness, rape, death, fears, addictions, phobias, suicide, loss, to name a few. It's a gift for us to experience people's lives shift from torment to peace. Watching painful stories and traumas drop away. And watch people reconnecting with a place inside them that is truer, clearer and kinder.

 Here is some heartfelt feedback we have received from people who have done The Work with us.

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"The shift for me simply is too profound not to share this.  I’m really quite serious when I say 3 hours of doing The Work, has moved some serious core long standing issues for me that I have spent over 20 years in counselling, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, psychiatry and more. The only thing I had to loose doing this was the nightmares created in my head. 3 hours for me, not 20 years…. Unbelievable" -  Participant Wellington June
My experience of The Work, as facilitated by the two of you was profound. Because of your help I have been able to create the mother of all shifts within myself. - 
I never thought that happiness would be possible for me.  Since I have stepped into The Work, the victim identity has let go of me and I am experiencing a miracle in the most ordinary of events in my life. 
  • When we are fearful, depressed, confused, hurt, angry or upset, it is what we believe that is creating the suffering.

  • The Work is simply identifying and questioning the thoughts that are the source of our stress and pain.

  • It's as though we are sitting in a dark movie theatre, and projecting painful stories on the screen of our mind. We believe what we are projecting is reality and we suffer accordingly.

  • The Work is questioning what we are projecting. And finding out if it's really true. This questioning can free us from being a victim of the painful thoughts and stories we attach to, that control, and ruin our lives. 

Doing The Work can result in living a clearer, more loving, kinder, happier life. 
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